Radiation damage of biomolecular systems: Nano-scale insights into Ion Beam Cancer Therapy
2-6 oct. 2011   Caen - France

About Nano-IBCT

Nano-IBCT – Nanoscale Insights into Ion Beam Cancer Therapy

Ion beam therapy offers the possibility of excellent dose localization for treatment of malignant tumors, minimizing radiation damage in normal tissue, while maximising cell-killing within the tumour. Hovewer, the full potential of such therapy can only be realized by better understanding the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms, on a range of time and space scales, that lead to cell death under ion irradiation. The Nano-IBCT action therefore aims to combine, using a multiscale approach, the unique experimental and theoretical expertise available within Europe to acquire greater insight at the nanoscopic and molecular level into radiation damage induced by ion impact.

More information on the Nano-IBCT action website.
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